SVR is a specialized marketing firm with a focus on providing its clients with an increased net return on investment through driving sales revenue and increasing market diversity. Deriving consulting, sales experience and marketing techniques accumulated by years of experience, the founding director of SVR’s main focus is to provide its clients with an opportunity to increase revenue, adhere to high quality assurance and compliance measures and improve long term customer retention.

Our Mission

We provide top-tier local and international companies with the opportunity to advance services and products that its clients are looking to market by securing an increased customer base. At SVR, our objective is to internally create a strong team environment and supportive culture that invests into our team members which in turn reflects in our high quality and effort to want to provide our clients with the best outcomes.

Why Choose Us

SVR leads the way in customer acquisition and customer service when it comes to a business-to-business setting. We offer a no win, no fee guarantee for all of our clients ensuring a risk free environment and a win-win scenario for our client’s development and growth. Our business model thrives on face-to-face interaction, promising a clear and consistent message to everyone involved when building and delivering a strategy for our clients throughout our campaigns.




Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is practiced by businesses of all calibres. A direct advertising campaign aims to deliver a solid return on investment by showing how many potential customers responded to a clear call to action. This is in contrast to general advertising, which eschews calls for action in favour of messages that are much harder to gauge in terms of interpretation and success, creating much higher risk for the client involved.


We believe in creating long lasting relationships with our clients and their customers with an emphasis on repeat business. Given this high level of service ensures that customers come back and refer us. We are specific in our coaching and development of each of our first class brand ambassadors. The level of coaching from the ground up is all one on one and specific to meet our clients' needs and demands, which equates to the highest return on investment for our clients.


If you were running your own business, would you do your own finances or hire a specialist accountant? No. You would most likely hire a specialist - that's where we come in! As markets grow with more and more competition it is essential for companies to deliver on their promises. Through outsourcing, our clients free up their resources to focus on doing what they do best which is delivering unprecedented products and services to the customers we generate on heir behalf.


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Project Manager Trainee

We would like to emphasize the trainee portion of this role. We ideally are needing a Project Manager to create and oversee a campaign for our clients, however, we have a strict policy that all Project Managers must go through our training procedure. We will never place someone into a Project Manager role until they understand how each component of a campaign works and functions. This guarantees campaign success, no matter who the client is.

Sales Representative

The Sales Representative role is one of the most important roles here at SVR. They are the face for our clients. They are the personality that the public will identify with that brand. We are looking for someone who understands that they are not just selling a product, but they are leaving a lasting impression. The key thing we are looking for in a candidate for this position is a great person who is looking to be the best.


We designed our internships to give hands on experience in three different sectors of marketing: sales, brand exposure, and business. We created this internship to help individuals who are looking to either see if event marketing is the path for them or looking to gain the experience for their resumes. Either way, our interns leave with greater knowledge than what they could have learned just from attending classes. Our internship program has brought us many amazing people, and if an intern is outperforming, we will offer them a full time position for after graduation.

    Covid-19 Update 😷

    We're adapting to the unfortunate circumstances going on around the world. In our office building, masks are being worn at all times by our team and visitors. Everyone is adhering to social distancing requirements of 3-6ft. We're also doing a daily deep clean of the office and lobby as well as having sanitizing stations.