Project Manager Trainee

We would like to emphasize the trainee portion of this role. We ideally are needing a Project Manager to create and oversee a campaign for our clients, however, we have a strict policy that all Project Managers must go through our training procedure. We will never place someone into a Project Manager role until they understand how each component of a campaign works and functions. This guarantees campaign success, no matter who the client is.

Sales Representative

The Sales Representative role is one of the most important roles here at SVR. They are the face for our clients. They are the personality that the public will identify with that brand. We are looking for someone who understands that they are not just selling a product, but they are leaving a lasting impression. The key thing we are looking for in a candidate for this position is a great person who is looking to be the best.


We designed our internships to give hands on experience in three different sectors of marketing: sales, brand exposure, and business. We created this internship to help individuals who are looking to either see if event marketing is the path for them or looking to gain the experience for their resumes. Either way, our interns leave with greater knowledge than what they could have learned just from attending classes. Our internship program has brought us many amazing people, and if an intern is outperforming, we will offer them a full time position for after graduation.

    Covid-19 Update 😷

    We're adapting to the unfortunate circumstances going on around the world. In our office building, masks are being worn at all times by our team and visitors. Everyone is adhering to social distancing requirements of 3-6ft. We're also doing a daily deep clean of the office and lobby as well as having sanitizing stations.